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Permissions – parameters set by Administrator which allow / disallow users to access certain pages and functions of the site.
E.g. open job/resume search form, search results page, job/resume details page, apply for job, post job/resume, add comments and ratings, delete user profile, save searches, etc.

The system provides Administrator with the particular set of Permissions settings in the Admin Panel; and Administrator only configures that set the needed way.

This set of Permissions consists of 3 sub-sets – General Permissions, Job Permissions and Resume Permissions.

In the system Permissions settings are configured for:
- User Groups
- Membership Plans

 Note: descriptions of these Permissions settings and instructions to configure them 
 you can find in the "User Groups" and "Membership Plans" sections of the Manual. 
 There you will also see the full list of Permissions set for User Groups and Membership Plans. 

Hence, using the Permissions settings, there can be 3 general access levels in the system:

  1) Guests  (non registered / not signed in users)

               2) Users belong to other User Groups (registered and signed in users)

                             3) Users subscribed to Membership Plan(s) (registered, signed in and subscribed users)

In a classical model “Guests” (1st level) have the least permissions and Users subscribed to Membership Plans (3rd level) have the largest Permissions to access site functions and pages.

The higher level of access overrides the lower one.
E.g. according to User Groups Permissions - unsubscribed Employers are not allowed to view Resume details page. But when an employer subscribes to a Membership Plan where it is allowed to view Resume details page – he will be able to do that, until this Membership plan expires.
Thus Membership Plans (unless expired) will override the relative Permissions of a User Group.

Also for some of the Membership plan Permissions you can set the "number of views / use".
In particular in is:

 - open Job/Resume search form, -results and -details pages;
 - post Job / Resume

If you set a certain number of views/use for one of those Permissions parameters - users will only be able to view/use that page or function only defined number of times.

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