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Membership Plans

Membership Plans - give administrator an opportunity to configure the interaction between users and site. Membership Plans are created by administrator.
To post listings on the site (and make other actions),  a user must be subscribed at least to one Membership Plan assigned to a User Group this user belongs to.

Each Membership Plan can be created for only one particular User Group (when creating/editing a Membership Plans, Administrator selects the User Group this Plan will be assigned to).
A User Group may include several membership plans at once. Only Membership Plans assigned to a User Group will be available for the users of this User Group.

If Administrator creates more than one Membership Plan for a User Group, the system will require a user of this User Group to choose one of those membership plans during the subscription process.
E.g. for Employer User Group there can be 2 Plans – ‘Basic’ and ‘Enhanced’ subscriptions.

When the subscription process is finished, a user starts to interact with the site according to the settings and permissions of the Membership Plan he is subscribed to.

 Note: More information about Membership Plans menu of the Admin Panel and detailed instructions
 how to configure them you can find in the "Membership plans" section of the Manual. 

Each Membership plan provides services and features for a particular period of time or for unlimited period if set so by Administrator.

Subscription to a Membership plan can be free or charged according to the way you want it to work.
For example you may want to make it free for users to subscribe to a certain Membership plan, which will include Packages charging users for particular options and advantages when posting their Jobs / Resumes on the site.

 Note: In the "Settings Membership plans" section of the Tutorial unit you can find examples and instructions 
 how to configure Membership Plans according to different charging models.


Membership Plan Package - is a set of listing features, options and limitations which will be applied to a particular listing posted under this Membership Plan Package. A membership plan may include as many Packages as needed.
In other words all listings (jobs/resumes) on the site can be created and posted only within a certain Package. Package parameters will be applied to the listing posted within this Package.
And will independently exist on the site according to these parameters.

For example, a Membership Plan expiration period is  30 days (1 month) and in the Plan’s Package the ‘Listing lifetime (days)’ parameter is set to 60 (days) – 2 months – which means that each listing posted under this Package will be deactivated only after 2 months being active on the site. Despite the fact that user’s subscription to this Membership Plan (which includes the Package of the listing) would expire 1 month before that.

The same way – if Membership Plan expiration period is 30 days, and a user posted his job/resume on the 29th day of subscription – still the listing will exist on the site the number of days defined in the “Listing Lifetime (days)” field of the Plan’s Package.

 Note: So Membership Plan settings are only related to the subscription itself and
 Packages settings are only related to the posting listings (job/resume) on the site. 

This structure in combination with User Groups settings and Permissions functionality allow you having various options of job board model implementation.
Below there are several examples of how packages work:

If there are more than one Package added to a certain Membership Plan - then the user subscribed to this Plan, in order to post a listing, will have to first choose one of those Packages.
After that he will proceed to specifying listing details and then will need to pay for posting this listing according to the Package “Price” (unless it is free).

If Administrator added only one Package to a certain Membership plan – a user will be able to create a listing without choosing any Packages for it.
The system will automatically relate this new listing with the only Package in the Plan user subscribed to.
Then in order to activate the newly created listing (actually post in on the site and make visible for others) a user will have to pay for it according to the “Price” set in the Package (unless the Price=0).

If a user is subscribed to more than one Membership Plan (each having Packages) – then before proceeding to create a listing he will have to select one of the Packages from the list of Packages his Membership Plans have.

 Note: in the last example above the matter concerns Membership Plan allowing to post the same Listing Type. 

Plan Permissions

Permissions - parameters set by Administrator which allow / disallow users to access certain pages and functions of the site.
E.g. open job/resume search form, search results page, job/resume details page, apply for job, post job/resume, add comments and ratings, delete user profile, save searches, etc.

Membership plans Permissions is the higher level of users access in aspect of their interaction with the site.

Set of Membership Plan Permission consists of the same items as the User Groups Permissions.
As it was mentioned in previous sections Membership plan Permissions overrides the User Group Permissions settings.
E.g. if for a User Group it was set to not allow to use “Aply Now” function and within a Membership plan it is allowed – then users of this User Group and subscribed to this particular Plan will be allowed to use “Apply Now” function.

In a case when most of the Plan Permissions settings are similar to User Group permissions settings, for your convenience you can use the “Use User Group Permission” function.
Thus if there is a need to change one of these Permissions settings – it will be enough to only change it for a User Group and it will be automatically applied to that Membership plan as well.

 Note: descriptions of the Membership Plans Permissions and instructions how to set them you can find here

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