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Membership Plans (also called Subscriptions) provide you with the tools to implement your own model of charging registered users of your site.
Each Membership Plan may have one or several Packages and Plan Permission which will override the "User GroupPermissions".

To get to the Membership Plans page you need to go to  Admin Panel > Users > Membership Plans.
On the opened page you will see the list of the Membership plans currently existing in the system:

          Membership plans.png

You can edit any of them or create new Membership Plans.

Adding a New Membership Plan

To add a new Memberhsip plan to the system, click on the "Add a new Memberhsip" link above the Membership Plans table. You will see the following page opened:

          Add a new membership plan.png

Fill in the fields with the appropriate details:

 - Name - enter the desired name for the Membership Plan;

 - Description - enter a brief information describing the main aspects of the plan, e.g. "10-days free Job posting";

 - Subscription Price - set the price you want to charge users for subscribing to this plan, leave the field empty or set zero if you want to make the subscription free;

 - Expiration Period - enter the number of days this plan will be active (e.g. 60 - which will be 2 months), after this period the plan will expire. Again you can leave the field empty or set zero for unlimited subscription, which means that this plan will never expire;

 - Prohibit to subscribe twice - check this box if you don't want users subscribed to this plan to be able to subscribe to it again unless the first subscription expired. If the box is checked Users will be able to subscribe to this plan again only when the previos subscription (to this plan) is expired;

 - Subscribe only once - check this box if you want to allow users to subscribe to this plan only once. This option can be used if you want to make it a trial plan, because it will be available only once;

- Make this Subscription Recurring - check this box if you want to create a Recurring subscription. I.e. users will be automatically charged for renewing this plan once its expiration period is over.

 Note: You'll need to configure the Payment Gateways for correct work of Recurring payments. 
The necessary instructions can be found in your Admin Panel >> Payment Gateways » 2Checkout / Authorize.Net SIM

- User Group - only users belonging to the select User Group will be able to subscribe for this plan;

- Featured Profile - enable this option to make users subscribed to this Plan ‘featured’ users and then their logo will be displayed in the ‘Featured Companies’ block.

After you set all parameters for the new plan - press the "Add" button. The newly created plan will be added to the plans table on the Membership Plans page.

Editing Membership Plan

To edit a Membership Plan - click on the "Edit" icon opposite this particular plan in the table. You will see the following page opened:

          Edit plan.png
In the "Membership Plan Info" form you can edit the details and settings of the plan itself.
You will need to select one of the options for the way changes should be saved:

"Apply changes to all users currently subscribed to this plan" or "Changes will be applied to newly subscribed users only"

press the "Save" button to save the changes, also you can use the "Apply" button to save the changes and stay on the current page.


Under the "Membership Plan Info" form you can see the Packages block. It displayes the packages currently included to this plan and available for users when they post their listings.

For example "Resume Access + 10 Jobs Posting" Plan Packages:

         Packages included.png

 Note: settings of a Package are only related to the posting a listing (Job or Resume). 
Once a listing is posted it exists in the system independetly from the Membership Plan 
according to the settings the package had for the moment the listing was created. 

To edit a certain Package press the "Edit" button opposite this package in the table.

If there are any needless Package(s) you can delete it pressing the "Delete" button opposite it.

Also you can Add new package(s) to the plan. For that you need to click on the "Add New Package" link above the Packages block:

          Add a new package link.png

There will be the following form opened:

          Add a new package.png

Fill in the form fields with the aproptiate details:

 - Name - enter the desired name for the Package;

 - Description - describe the package briefly;

 - Single Posting Price - set the price (numbers only) for posting 1 listing;

 - Reactivation Posting Price - the amount users will be charged for reactivating their listing after expiration (you can set the same price as Single Posting Price or make it lower/higher/'zero');

 - Listing Lifetime(days) - set the number of days a listing will be active on the site. Once the listing expired it will be deactivated, not deleted;

 - Priority Listing - check this box if you want the listings posted under this package to be priority listings, which means that they will be highlighted and appear at the top of the search results;

 - Is Featured - check this box to make the listings posted under this package featured automatically. They will appear in the "Featured Listings" block and will be marked as featured on the site;

 - Price for Upgrade to Featured - set the price here (numbers) if you want to charge users for upgrading their listings to featured;

 - Number of Pictures Allowed - enter the number of pictured users will be able to upload for one posting;

 - Is Video Allowed - check this box if you want users to be able to upload video files to listings posted under this package.

Once all parameters are set - press the "Add" button. The new package will be added to the plan and you will be redirected back to the edit Plan page.

Manage Plan Permissions

To manage the permisstions of a plan - click on the "Manage Permissions" link in the middle of the page or press the "Manage Permissions" button opposite this plan in the Membership Plans table.
There will be the following page opened:

       Plan permissions.png

As you can see the last column displays the current permissions of the User Group this plan is submitted to.
So if you want the plan to have the same permissions as the User Group has - then just select the "Use User Group Permissions" option form the drop-down list.

Some settings require you to check or uncheck boxes depending on the way you want to limit users of this plan.

When a certain option is denied - Admin can choose whether it will be hidden from users subscribed to this plan:

          Hide option2.png

or set a message to display for users subscribed to this plan when they try to use that option:

          Show option2.png
Also some of the options allow you to specify the number of times the user may use them, e.g. to view Resume Detail page - 10 times or to post 5 Jobs, etc. 
If you do want to limit users like that - enter the needed number to the "Number of views/use" field.
If you don't want to set any limits for a certain option - just leave a field empty or enter '0' (zero).

Once you finished making the settings for the permissions - select the way they should be saved:
"Apply changes to all users currently subscribed to this plan" or"Changes will be applied to newly subscribed users only"

Make sure to press the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save the changes made for Membership Plan permissions settings. 

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