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LinkedIn plug-in allows users registering / logging in to a job board using LinkedIn account, auto filling and synchronizing resumes, displaying Company Insider and User Profile Widgets, sharing jobs/resumes on LinkedIn, displaying LinkedIn People Search results with regular resume search results.

 Note: LinkedIn Plug-in is not included in the standard software package 
 and provided as an add-on for an additional cost. For more information, click here. 

To make settings for the Facebook plug-in go to Admin Panel >> System Configuration >> Plugins >> LinkedinSocialPlugin.
On the opened page you will see the following form:

         Linkedin plugin settings.png

- LinkedIn API Key and Secret Key - follow the given instructions to get your own API Key and Secret Key and then paste them to these fields;

- User Group - select Users Group(s) which users should be able to use LinkedIn connect option;

- Allow Resume auto filling/synchronizing for Job Seekers - check this box to allow job seekers autofilling/synchronizing their resumes with LinkedIn profile;

- Display Company Insider widget in company info block - enable this option to allow employers displaying Company Insider Widget on a job details page in the “Company Info” block;

- Display LinkedIn user profile widget on Resume page - enable this option to allow job seekers displaying their brief info and a link to LinkedIn profile in User Info block on a resume details page;

- Allow LinkedIn People Search for Employers - enable this option to allow Employers including LinkedIn people search results into regular Resume search results;

- Allow Job Seekers to share Jobs on LinkedIn - enable this option if you want job seekers to be able to share certain jobs in their LinkedIn status.

 Note: to see the description of the way LinkedIn Connect add-on works for users, click here
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User Manual for the latest version