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‘Integer’ type fields are used for numerical values. Therefore users only allowed to enter/paste numerical values to fields of this type.
By default, on the front-end ‘integer’ type fields are displayed as an input box when users edit a field. For example “Total Years Experience”:

          Total years experience edit.jpg

And displayed as text blocks on listing details page:

          Total years experience.jpg

On the search forms fields of ‘integer’ type are displayed as 2 input boxes (range). This provides users with an opportunity to make a search by exact fit, certain range, more then entered value, less then entered value, above or equal entered value, less or equal entered value:

          Total years search form.jpg

To edit an ‘integer’ type field in the Admin Panel you need to click on the Edit icon opposite this particular field. E.g. to edit Total Years Experience field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Resume > Total Years Experience > "Edit" icon.

There will be the form opened where you can modify the ‘integer’ type field parameters and select/enter the default value to be set for this particular field.
For example “Total Years Experience” field:

          Edit integer.jpg

 Note: If a field you are editing is a User Profile field - you can enter the desired 
 default value for this field. 

 But if a field you are editing is a Listing field (like in the example above) - then you can 
 either enter the value to be set as a default one or select one of the User Profile fields to be used as a default value.

Administrator can set the minimum and maximum values for each of the existing ‘integer’ type fields if needed. For that you just need to enter these values to “Maximum value” and “Minimum value” fields when editing an ‘integer’ type fields.
After you finished editing the field parameters, press the “Save” button.

 Note: we recommend you to set the extreme values for integer type fields, 
 like Total Years Experience and others; e.g. to avoid incorrect data entering – 
 such as ‘123 years’ of work experience, etc.

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