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To modify the design of the Featured Jobs block - you need to edit the featured_listings.tpl

(Edit Templates -> classifieds -> featured_listings.tpl)

  • Change number or rows / columns

To change the number of columns / rows you need to edit the main.tpl

(Edit Templates > Main > main.tpl)

 Note: the number of columns can be changed for all Themes, 
 except the “Intelligent View” Theme.
 The number of rows can be changed for all Themes. 

In the main.tpl you need to find the following part of the code:

{module name="classifieds" function="featured_listings" number_of_rows="2" number_of_cols="4" count_listing="4" listing_type="Job"}

To change the number of columns or rows speciy the apropriate numbers here:

number_of_rows="2"– number of rows

number_of_cols="4" – number of columns

count_listing="4" – multiply the number of columns by number of rows and put here the total number of listings to be displayed.

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