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Plan Description:

"Bulk Postings Subscription" - requires one-time payment when users subscribing to it. The Plan includes a certain number of listings users can post (e.g. 15) during plan's expiration period (e.g. 2 months).
In our example this plan has one Package added where Single Posting price is set to 'zero". Thus users are charged only for subscribe to the Plan and further do not pay for posting listings, i.e. Plan price covers it.

 Note: If wanted you can add more than one Package to this Plan. 
 Just in the Package settings set the "Single Posting Price" to 'zero'
 so that users would be charged only for subscribing to the Plan. 

Setting Instructions:

1) Subscription Price.
E.g. 100$. You need to enter '100' to the "Subscription Price" field of the "Add a New Membership Plan" form:

Bulk postings price 100.png

2) Expiration Period = 2 months.
Enter '60' to the "Expiration Period" field (since it should be set in 'days')

Bulk postings exp period 60.png

3) If you want to allow users subscribing to this plan again before their current subscription expires - leave the "Prohibit to Subscribe Twice" box unchecked.
Do not check the "Subscribe Only Once" box either - otherwise this Plan will be available for users only once.
Select the appropriate User Group and press the "Add" button.

Bulk postings subscription.png

 Note: to assign this plan to all User Groups set the "User Group" drop-down list to "Select User group" option.

4) Add a Package to allow users subscribe to this Plan posting listings.
Click on the "Add a New Package" link on the "Edit Membership Plan" page:

Add new package link.png

5) Single Posting Price.
As it was mentioned above - "Bulk Postings" type of Membership Plan suppose no payment for single Posting.
Enter 'zero' to the "Single Posting Price" field, or leave it empty:

Bulk posting pack price 0.png

6) Listings Expiration Period.
E.g. 2 months. Enter '60' to the "Listing Lifetime(days)":

Bulk posting pack lifetime 60.png

7) Set the rest of the Package parameters the way you need:

Bulk posting package.png

8) "Post Job" Permissions.
On the "Manage Plan Permissions" page you need to find the "Job Permissions" Section.
Then check the "Allow" box opposite the "Post Job" - to allow users posting jobs.
And enter '15' to the "Number of Postings" field - to set the quantity of postings users will be allowed to post within this Plan.

Bulk postings permissions.png

 Note: Set the rest Plan Permissions according to your own discretion.

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