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Search by Company function

This function makes process of searching jobs by Company easier for users.

It works the following way:
There are “Search by Company” links on the Quick search form on the front-end homepage and Find Jobs Page.

           Search by company quick search.jpg

If a user clicks on this link the “Search by Company” page will be opened:

           Alphabet letters function.jpg

Then a User can click on any of the alphabet letters. The system will find registered Employers companies which name starts with a letter user clicked on.

          Demo services.jpg

Alphabet Letters for “Search by Company”

At the bottom of the System Settings page of the Admin Panel you can see the ‘Alphabet Letters for “Search by Company” section’ link.

         Alphabet letters link.jpg

Click on this link to review ‘Alphabets’ currently existing in the system:

          Alphabet letters for search by company.jpg

Editing Alphabet

To modify the Alphabet - click on the “Edit” icon opposite it. The following form will be opened:

           Alphabet info.jpg

- Alphabet Name – the name of the Alphabet. It is the system value and will not be visible for users;

- Enter alphabet letters without any delimiters - enter to this field the letters of the alphabet without using space or comma or any other delimiters;

- Active – check this box to make this Alphabet available for users to use on the ‘Search by Company’ page.

Then press the “Save” button to submit the changes you made.

Adding a New Alphabet

To add a new Alphabet you need to click on the “Add New Alphabet” link located over the Alphabets table. Edit Alphabet page with the “Alphabet Info” form (described above) will be opened.
There you need to fill in the form field with the needed data and then press the “Save” button to complete adding a new alphabet.

Deleting Alphabet

If there are any needless Alphabets you can easily delete them clicking on the “Delete” icon located opposite this particular Alphabet in the table.

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